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IBA GmbH is providing high quality tools for life science research covering the entire production process of recombinant proteins.

StarGate®” is a generic cloning system for rapidly identifying the optimal expression system for a given protein. After transfection with MATraan efficient magnet assisted transfection technology using MagTag®, the Strep-tag®/Strep-Tactin® system is ideally suited for purification of highly pure and bioactive proteins. With its Streptamer® technology and products, IBA offers reversible reagents for cell staining and cell isolation.  The complete detachability of the reagents preserves the cells´ natural state and full biological function.

IBA’s nucleic acid unit provides individual and flexible custom services of nucleic acid specialties, including dsRNA as well as modified and fluorescently labeled oligos. Predefined DNA/RNA sequences supplement these services.