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Custom RNA: The RNA specialists

Take advantage of more than 20 years experience in RNA synthesis!

Already back in 1991, IBA's nucleic acid division (at that time called "NAPS") had established custom RNA synthesis for high quality RNA oligonucleotides. In the following years new synthesis methods were developed to include long RNA, labeled RNA, 2'- and base-modified RNA, triphosphates, modified dinucleotides for 5' transcript labeling as well as double stranded RNA (dsRNA).

Our expertise enables us to provide high quality RNA synthesis and RNA products with excellent purity and high biological activity.

Here are some examples of the IBA RNA oligonucleotides and their applications:

  • Custom synthesized RNA duplexes and dsRNA for gene silencing
  • Chimeric DNA/RNA oligonucleotides for targeted gene repair in gene therapy
  • Ribozymes for specific modulation of gene expression
  • Ribozymes for molecular diagnostics
  • RNA products for investigation of ribozyme-substrate interactions
  • RNA oligonucleotides for investigation of tRNA function
  • RNA oligos for RNA footprinting for the study of RNA protein interactions
  • Aptamers for specific inhibition of protein function
  • RNA synthesis for in vitro translation experiments
  • Phosphorothioate protected single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) for Toll-like receptor research
  • Random RNA primers for multiply-primed rolling circle amplification