Fluorescent custom oligonucleotides

  • More than 200 labels to choose from
  • Now available! Click-Chemistry allowing completely new dye combinations not available before and so far unreachable labeling densities
  • New generation of ultra-photostable Eterneon™ dyes with Stokes shift up to 180 nm
  • Licensed supplier of oligonucleotides labeled with dyes patented by Molecular Probes (owned by Invitrogen Corp.).
  • Alternative dyes from Dyomics, Luminartis, Abberior and Atto-Tec covering the entire spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared, as well as BBQ and BHQ
  • Excellent, high quality, competitive prices including HPLC purification and fast delivery

Don’t waste time by labeling oligos yourself!
You can also send us your activated dye and we do the labeling for you. Highly efficient and fast. Contact us for a quote.