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Set up for 3'- or special wobbles

Standard wobbles (wobbles are equimolar mixtures of 2 to 4 bases) are automatically coupled to the synthesizers without additional charge. For 3'-wobbles or non-equimolar mixtures (special wobbles) the building blocks will be exactly premixed at the requested ratio. An additional setup will be charged for each different mixture.

As part of our special customer service, we can do special wobble combinations, e.g. 10 % of A, G & C and 70 % T!

See Philibert P, Stoessel A, Wang W, Sibler A-P, Bec N, Larroque C, Saven JG, Courtete J, Weiss E, Martineau P, (2007):BMC Biotechnology 7:81.

Order information

Product Cat. no. Price/wobble
set up for 3'- or special wobbles 5-0110-020 8.00 EUR