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The pASK-IBA4C vector allows the expression of Strep-tag®-fusion-proteins in E.coli.

The vector carries the inducible tetracycline promoter/operator for the regulated expression of proteins and the ompA signal for periplasmic secretion of the recombinant protein, the Strep-tag® for N-terminal fusion to the recombinant protein and the Chloramphenicol Resistance cassette. It can be used with any E. coli strain because the tet-promoter works independently from the genetic background of E.coli.

  • promoter from bp 37 to 72
  • forward primer binding site from bp 57 to 76
  • OmpA signal sequence from bp 139 to 201
  • Strep-tag® from bp 202 to 231
  • multiple cloning site from bp 232 to 313
  • reverse primer binding site from bp 381 to 397
  • f1 origin from bp 410 to 848
  • CamR resistance gene from bp 970 to 1629
  • tet-repressor from bp 1642 to 2265