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FABian®- Automated Cell Selection

PBMC like isolation directly from whole blood without magnetic beads. Market launch price 30% off!

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How to get His-tag proteins in Strep-tag® quality

His-STREPPER - the His/Strep-tagII Adapter - Order the Trial Kit for riskless validation!

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Innovation Prize 2015 – Pioneer work in developing rapid diagnostic tests

This year 101 participants applied for the 13th Innovation Prize of the county Göttingen. IBA was nominated together with the Fassisi GmbH for the joint project in the category “candidates with more than 20 employees”.

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IBA GmbH unterstützt "junges boat people projekt"

Bei der diesjährigen Weihnachtsspende widmet sich das Göttinger Biotechnologieunternehmen IBA GmbH dem Thema „Migration und Integration“.

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