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A global leader in nucleic acid specialty synthesis since 1991

IBA is producer of specialized, modified, labor intensive nucleic acid products. Our highly motivated and qualified team not only has a special expertise in DNA and RNA modification and labeling, our in-house nucleoside and nucleotide chemistry laboratory continuously develops new modifications, which are not available elsewhere.

Our pre-defined DNA and RNA products include:

Quality of products

IBA delivers only highly purified products. We make no compromise in our efforts to reach reproducibly high coupling yields. We have also developed highly sophisticated purification processes to meet the individual needs of each oligonucleotide and modification.

The following points are strictly followed during synthesis of oligonucleotides:

  • Synthesizers from leading manufacturers
  • High quality chemicals from selected suppliers
  • High concentrations of building blocks
  • In-house developed and optimized synthesis cycles
  • Prolonged coupling steps optimized for certain building blocks
  • Purification of oligonucleotides either by HPLC and/or PAGE
  • Two-step purification process for fluorescent probes
  • Exact yield determination by measuring UV-absorption and adjustment of the concentration
  • Routine use of our products for in-house applications like cDNA synthesis, PCR, in vitro transcription, DNA sequencing and gene synthesis

IBA offers free technical assistance provided by nucleic acid chemists and molecular biologists. Take advantage of twenty years of experience in the field of nucleoside-, nucleotide- and oligonucleotide synthesis and application.