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StarGate® for fast protein expression cloning

StarGate® has been developed for the rapid systematic screen of the optimal expression (regarding expression host and/or promoter) and purification (regarding the fusion tag) system for a given gene of interest (GOI).


There are two possible cloning procedures:


Direct Transfer Cloning

The direct transfer cloning procedure is recommended for proteins with known purification conditions. With this strategy the PCR product of a certain GOI is directly transferred within a one-step-reaction into the appropriate Acceptor Vector.


“Two-step-cloning” via pENTRY-IBA

StarGate® cloning via the pENTRY-IBA vector provides a tool for the systematic and rapid screen of the best working expression conditions for a certain GOI, where nothing is known from literature. After initial pENTRY cloning, the GOI in the resulting Donor Vector can be easily transferred by a simple one-tube reaction into a multitude of Acceptor Vectors providing different features.