Lyophilized oligonucleotides can be stored at 4 °C for several months, and at -20 °C for several years. Once resuspended, please aliquot and store at -20 °C to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. 

For resuspension, spin down the pellet prior to opening the tube. Labeled probes must also be protected from light. If an oligonucleotide is required several times throughout the day, it should be kept at 4 °C.

How to make a stock solution

In order to calculate the buffer volume (in µl) which is to be added in order to get a 100 µM solution, the number of nmoles in the tube should be multiplied by 10, e.g. 9 nmoles oligo > add 90 µl buffer to get a 100 µM solution.


Buffer conditions of IBA oligonucleotides

DNA, unmodified: 
sterile water, pH7
DNA with fluorescent label: 
DNA with other modification:      
sterile water, pH7
RNA: DEPC-treated water
Hybrids: DEPC-treated water



For shipments within Germany you may select „lyophilized“ or „in solution“ (standard concentration 0.1 nmol/µl). To all other countries oligonucleotides are delivered lyophilized. Remember to shortly spin down the pellet before opening the tube the first time. The dry pellet may otherwise be lost if not at the bottom of the tube.