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Welcome to our IBA Tutorials on Cell Selection & Expansion!

Existing cell selection methods have some drawbacks regarding purity, yield and viability. IBA has developed a new technology to overcome these obstacles.

Learn more about IBA's new Fab-based Traceless Affinity Cell Selection technology in our tutorials.

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Tutorials on Cell Selection & Expansion

Technology: Cell isolation with Fab-TACS® Gravity

IBA's unique Strep-tag®/Strep-Tactin® system is the platform for the novel traceless affinity cell selection (Fab-TACS) of cells. The innovative Fab-TACS procedure delivers label-free, non-activated target cells in a standardized manner of highly reproducible quality directly from whole blood or other blood preparations allowing a multitude of downstream applications.Key features: high purity, high yield, high viability!

Tutorial 1: Fab-TACS®: A novel approach for traceless cell selection

When it comes to cell selection, every scientist wants to have a method to obtain target cells with high specificity, yield as well as functionality. However, this is not always easy. In this webinar, you will learn how we achieved this by adapting our Strep-tag® protein purification system into a powerful tool for cell isolation.  Join us and meet our newly developed Fab-TACS® technology for cell selection. 

Tutorial 2: Fab-TACS® technology in use: application and benefits of manual gravity columns

Current enrichment protocols for lymphocytes show low yields and have long operation times due to the necessity of density gradients prior to the actual selection process. IBA´s novel technology allows fast and easy cell purification directly from whole blood with high yields and purities. Further, it allows the complete removal of isolation reagents, resulting in minimally manipulated cells with high viability.

Tutorial 3: Fab-TACS® based automated cell selection with IBA’s FABian® system

IBA’s novel traceless affinity cell selection technology Fab-TACS® has several advantages for specific isolation of desired cell populations. Let's have a look at how they developed a quick diagnostic assay using the FABian® device, an automated system based on Fab-TACS® technology. This webinar will introduce the basics and practical experience with FABian® from user side. You will see, how fast and efficient the enrichment of lymphocytes from whole blood can be in comparison to other methods.