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Welcome to our IBA Tutorials on Protein Production & Assays!

In our online tutorials we demonstrate how you can improve your purification results.

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Tutorials on Protein Production & Assays

Technology: Strep-tag® protein purification cycle

IBA’s unique Strep-tag® technology is a commonly used tool for the affinity purification of recombinant proteins. It stands for the highest protein purities under physiological conditions, is distinguished by an easy purification procedure and can be used in a variety of different applications. One step to high protein purity!

Tutorial 1: Insights into the Strep-tag® technology


The Strep-tag® system is one of the most widely used affinity systems for protein purification. Take part in this webinar to get an insight into the underlying principle of the technology, which will help you to understand the simplicity of the system and all its benefits.

Tutorial 2: Benefits of Strep-tag® system III


The power of the Strep-tag® system goes far beyond standard protein purification. Especially the development of the high affinity Strep-Tactin®XT opens the door for new applications in the area of protein purification and assay development. This webinar will explain how one tag fits lots of different protein applications.

Tutorial 3: Strep-tag® vs His-tag: benefits and drawbacks of the two systems


Both, Strep-tag® and His-tag, are widely used tools for affinity purification via a peptide tag. But when it comes to purity and versatility in applications, some differences between both systems are obviously. This webinar will compare both systems and point out the benefits and drawbacks of both.

Tutorial 4: MEXi - IBA's mammalia expression system

Matching upstream and downstream processing is highly beneficial as it saves time and money in the process development and production. The MEXi cell system was developed to match mammalian protein production with outstanding Strep-tag purification. Low medium costs make this powerful, license free system as an affordable alternative to existing mammalian production systems. Take part in this webinar to get an insight into the benefits of the MEXi system and how you can implement it into your processes.