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Welcome to IBA Tutorials on Custom Oligos & Predefined DNA/RNA!

Our tutorials are dedicated to get an understanding of the quality impact of custom oligos & DNA/RNA and give insights on current trends requiring these tools.

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Tutorials on Custom Oligos & predefined DNA/RNA

Tutorial 1: Why is the Oligo Product Quality important?


The impact of oligo product quality in regard to experimental results is often underestimated. Get some ideas how a qualified consultancy combined with high product quality might improve your results and save you time & money.

Tutorial 2: Trends in Aptamers


Aptamers are a versatile tool and are under investigation for more than two decades. Get some ideas to take aptamers into consideration as a true option instead of “antibodies only”.

Tutorial 3: Trends in Epigenetics


Epigenetic regulation of gene expression is an important mechanism for homeostasis during an individual life span. Therefore, it becomes a more and more relevant diagnostic target and the field is rapidly evolving in regard to tools, products and services.