Root > Products > StarGate Expression Vectors > Acceptor vectors > E. coli > pASG-IBA and pPSG-IBA vectors for high level expression in E.coli.

pASG-IBA vectors

  • High-level expression in E. coli, also for toxic proteins
  • Tightly regulated expression due to anhydrotetracycline (AHT) inducible tetA promoter/operator
  • Option for periplasmic expression due to ompA signal sequence
  • No catabolite repression - no influence of medium components
  • Not influenced by the genetic background – wide choice of E. coli expression strains
  • Inexpensive induction with AHT.

pPSG-IBA vectors

  • High-level expression in E. coli by bacteriophage T7 promoter
  • High-level transcription by T7 RNA polymerase in BL21 strains
  • High-level expression of non-toxic proteins
  • Induction by IPTG
  • Suitable for in vitro transcription/translation