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StarPrimer D’Signer Software

Innovative software for StarGate® Entry Cloning Primer

The StarPrimer D'Signer software facilitates the design of primers for the initial ENTRY cloning step based on its ease of use.
The software is also very well suited for the design of primers in combination with a site-directed mutation approach. In this case, it is used to design primers for introducing mutations into your gene of interest, which then is transferred into a StarGate® ENTRY vector to create a Donor Vector carrying the mutated gene of interest.
This software not only helps with the primer design, it also guides step by step through the whole PCR process.

To use the new StarPrimer D'Signer software please click StarPrimer D'Signer or on the picture (right)

Requirements to run StarPrimer D'Signer Software: 

  • Installation of Microsoft Silverlight is necessary to run the StarPrimer D´Signer software.
  • System requirements:
    • For PC (Win 2000 SP4, Win XP SP 2/3, Windows Vista and Windows 7)
    • For Apple Macintosh ( Intel Processor and MAC OS X 10.4.11 )
  • Browser should be current version of Internet Explorer or Firefox.


PTO Protected Cloning Primers

For StarGate® cloning we recommend the use of 3’ phosphorothioate (PTO) protected oligonucleotides which are protected against the exonuclease activity of Proof Reading Polymerases. These Primers can be directly ordered at IBA’s Custom Oligo division, which offers an excellent custom service for synthesis of a wide range of high quality nucleic acid specialties at competitive prices.