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CLEAN UP your His-tagged protein without cloning!

His-STREPPER is an adapter molecule for fast and easy conversion of your Histidine-tag fusion protein to a Strep-tag® II fusion protein. It is a cost and time-effective method (no time-consuming cloning process necessary) to transfer all Strep-tag®II advantages (pure & functional proteins) to your His-tag protein.

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His-STREPPER Workflow


His-STREPPER- the His/Strep-tag®II Adapter - is a molecule comprising Strep-tag®II (SA-WSHPQFEK) conjugated with a nickel charged trisNTA (see Fig.A). It tightly binds to 6xHis-tag and thereby converts a 6xHis-tag fusion protein to a Strep-tag®II fusion protein without the need for cloning. (see Fig.B)

His-STREPPER should be applied to the His-tag fusion protein present in the initial cell lysate or to the His-tag eluate (after complete removal of imidazole) if a higher protein purity is required.

The converted Strep-tagged protein binds to a Strep-Tactin® column (see Fig.C) and can be purified further according to the Strep-tag® protocol.
Elution of the converted Strep-tagged protein can be performed either with imidazole (to elute the His-tag protein without the Adapter) or with desthiobiotin (to elute the Strep-tag® protein).

His-STREPPER offers the advantages of the Strep-tag® purification system, namely the high purity of the isolated proteins, without a time-consuming cloning process to His-tag users.