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StarGate® Cloning Vectors

Embedded in a easy to handle combinatorial cloning system for the expression in E. coli, yeast, mammalian and insect cells, enabling fast evaluation of different expression features (tags, promoters and expression host) for best expression results

StarGate® for fast protein expression cloning

StarGate® has been developed for the rapid systematic screen of the optimal expression (regarding expression host and/or promoter) and purification (regarding the fusion tag) system for a given gene of interest (GOI).

There are two possible cloning procedures:

Direct Transfer Cloning

The direct transfer cloning procedure is recommended for proteins with known purification conditions. With this strategy the PCR product of a certain GOI can directly be transferred within a one-step-reaction into the appropriate Acceptor Vector.

“Two-step-cloning” via pENTRY-IBA

StarGate® cloning via the pENTRY-IBA vector provides a tool for the systematic and rapid screen of the best working expression conditions for a certain GOI, where nothing is known from literature. After initial pENTRY cloning, the GOI in the resulting Donor Vector can be easily transferred by a simple one-tube reaction into a multitude of Acceptor Vectors providing different features.

Acceptor Vectors

IBA Acceptor Vectors provide different genetic surroundings for optimal protein expression and purification. These include different purification tags, promoter for a variety of host cells, signal sequences etc.

For an on overview on the entire vector portfolio please, click the Acceptor Vector Table.