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Custom Aptamers

A promising alternative to antibodies

Aptamers are DNA or RNA (or peptide) molecules that can bind to specific targets, for example proteins, small molecules or toxins. Due to their specificity, high affinity, low immunogenicity and ease of use, aptamers have been widely used in medical and industrial fields.

The desired aptamers are selected by SELEX (Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment) from a large oligonucleotide library. Furthermore, a sequence analysis, aptamer characterization and optimization have to be performed.

Once the aptamers of interest have been identified, our experts can produce them via chemical synthesis with high quality and low batchto-batch variation. A large selection of modifications and fluorescent labels are also available for our customers.

DNA Aptamer Application Note 2018 (pdf)

DNA Aptamer Application Note (pdf)

Aptamer Product Information (pdf)

How to order your custom Aptamer?

To order your aptamer get in contact with our oligo expert.

Your personal contact person from IBA Lifesciences is ready to help you by email or phone (+49 551 50672-222) and will support you in designing your correct oligo sequence and advise you in possible promising labeling and modification combinations.
Our partners

IBA has a collaboration with various partners, amongst them:

Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology, Branch Bioanalytics and Bioprocesses (IZI-BB), Dr. M. Menger, is based in Potsdam, Germany and covers the European market.

In North America, IBA now started to cooperate with the US biotech company Aptagen, LLC in Jacobus, PA. Aptagen is a biotechnology company with over 25 years of experience in the discovery and development of aptamer technology. They provide services to global businesses from research institutions to Top 10 Pharma companies.

University of Bonn, Center of Aptamer Research and Development (CARD)


The AptaIndex is a helpful source of known Aptamers, which can be custom synthesized by IBA.

Aptamer Application Note & Product Information

Long DNAs for aptamer technology

The aptamers laboratory at the IRYCIS-Hospital Ramon y Cajal (Madrid, Spain), led by Dr. Victor M. Gonzalez, uses IBA-synthesized long DNA oligonucleotides to develop new applications for the aptamer technology. "In our laboratory, we are currently taking advance of the performance of IBA technology for the synthesis of long DNA oligonucleotides for the selection and characterization of aptamers against several targets. In fact, we use populations of oligos containing random sequences into the central region synthesized by IBA for aptamer selection. After identification of specific aptamers, we use these long DNA oligos modified with different molecules (Biotin, Digoxigenin, Alexa) at their 5´end to study the application of aptamers in the development of novel diagnostic tools."

DNA Aptamer Application Note (pdf)

DNA Aptamer Application Note 2018 (pdf)

Aptamer Product Information (pdf)

Large diversity of dyes and modifications

A large selection of modifications and fluorescent labels is available for our Aptamer service:

Modifications available for aptamers

Fluorescent dyes available for aptamers

Trends in Aptamers

Aptamers are a versatile tool and are under investigation for more than two decades. Get some ideas to take aptamers into consideration as a true option instead of “antibodies only”.