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Cell Selection Process using FABian®

First, FABian® is equipped with the Fab-TACS® Auto column filled with a Strep-Tactin® coated cell-grade agarose matrix (see fig. below) and reagent tubes containing the sample and the required separation reagents. FABian® starts the cell separation process by loading low-affinity Strep-tagged Fab fragments onto the matrix, e.g. a CD3 Fab-Strep for the selection of T cells. Subsequently, FABian® passes whole blood, mouse spleen cells or other single-cell suspensions through the column. Target cells adhere to the affinity matrix based on the exclusive binding of the Fab-Strep to the target cell. Non-target cells are washed away efficiently.

Finally, FABian® loads biotin onto the column which causes the elution of the target cells and the Fab-Streps spontaneously self-dissociate from the cell surfaces due to their reduced affinity. Thus, the innovative Fab-TACS® procedure delivers label-free, non-activated target cells in a standardized manner of highly reproducible quality from a variety of single cell suspensions, e.g. whole blood or buffy coat allowing a multitude of downstream applications.

Key features

Easy handling:

  1. Switch on the device for initialization process
  2. Insert the column, filled with the matrix (here CD81 Fab-Strep for PBMC-like isolation)
  3. Place the tube rack with the tubes on the round about
  4. Choose program
  5. Press "go" and the selection process runs automatically
  6. Once the program is completed, take your selected target cells from the last tubes

Advantages at a glance:

  • Mild Fab-based immune affinity chromatography
  • Very high yields and purity (> 90%)
  • Minimally manipulated target cells, minimal cell stress
  • Highly reproducible
  • Automatic process
  • Compact & light
  • Embedded system, no external computer needed
  • Magnetic-free process
  • Various markers (Fab-fragments) available
  • Development of Fab fragments for customized selections possible

Isolation of PBMC-like and T cells from human whole blood

Using the FABian® platform, IBA Lifesciences has developed a unique approach for preparing Ficoll gradient-like CD81 fractions in an automated and standardized manner. This process delivers PBMC-like cells of highly reproducible quality from healthy as well as patient donors without the need for Ficoll density centrifugation – a major advance in cell separation for routine testing and research applications.
IBA Lifesciences offers FABian®-based automatic cell separation for specialized cell populations incl. T cells and other cell types. We are continuously expanding our cell separation applications as well as providing fully customized services for our customers.

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FABian® – Lymphocyte isolation FABian® – Lymphocyte isolation Supplementary

Separation data

The first row of the image shows a 0.12 % share of PBMC-like cells (CD81-positive) in the whole blood sample before the separation process.
The second row presents the results of the positive fraction after separation, indicating an excellent purity of 95 % and a high yield of the PBMC-like cells (targeted CD81 positive).

FABian® in use


See how FABian® is used in the department of Experimental Transfusion Medicine at TU Dresden:

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