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Prevents biotinylated proteins from unspecific binding to Strep-Tactin® columns during Strep-tag® protein purification.

D-Biotin (not suitable for standard Strep-tag® applications)

D-Biotin should only be used for elution of Strep-tag®II/Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins in certain applications. It is recommended for elution from Strep-Tactin® Spin columns and MagStrep beads because of the higher affinity to Strep-Tactin® allowing a more efficient elution (compared to Desthiobiotin) of (Twin-)Strep-tag® fusion proteins. For protein complex and PPI applications, Biotin is also recommended for elution since the Strep-Tactin® resins should not be regenerated to avoid isolation of cross contaminations.
Please note that after elution with Biotin, the Strep-Tactin® resin cannot be regenerated!

Streptavidin, lyophilized (not suitable for Strep-tag® applications):

Streptavidin is a tetrameric protein composed of identic subunits. Each subunit binds one biotin molecule with a KD of ~1x10-15 M. The preparation contains an N- and C-terminal shortened variant (core streptavidin) with improved properties concerning homogeneity, solubility, resistance towards proteolytic degradation and accessibility of the biotin binding pocket, as compared to native streptavidin.

Quality control by SDS-PAGE:

P1 = 50 µg Streptavidin, boiled
M = marker (~ 0.5 µg per band)

Please enquire for larger quantities!