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CD9 Fab-TACS® Exosome Agarose Column Starter Kit, human

Label-free isolation of CD9+ exosomes from cell culture media, serum or plasma


Content: 1 Stk
Fab-TACS® is a traceless affinity exosome isolation approach based on our Strep-tag® technology. CD9 Fab-TACS® Exosome Agarose Column Starter Kit allows label-free isolation of human CD9+ exosomes from plasma, serum and cell culture supernatants. CD9 is a member of the tetraspanin family present on the surface of exosomes.
Strep-Tactin® TACS Agarose columns are filled with Strep-Tactin® coated agarose macrobeads developed for cell isolation. Low affinity Fab fragments fused to a Twin-Strep-tag® (Fab-Streps) bind to the matrix. Exosomes adhere to the matrix based on the exclusive binding of the Fab-Strep to a surface marker. Non-target particles are efficiently washed away. In a final step, the addition of biotin causes the elution of the exosomes and the Fab-Streps. After elution, the Fab-Streps self-dissociate from the exosome surface due to their low affinity. The label-free, fully functional exosomes are now ready for further downstream applications.

• Highly pure exosomes
• Fully functional exosomes
• Reversible binding to the target
• Label-free exosomes due to low affinity Fab fragments
• Quick and simple protocol without ultracentrifugation


Capacity: 2-3 x 10^9 exosomes per column (sample-dependent)

Shipping information

Storage: 2-8 °C
Stability: 6 months after shipping
Shipping: Room temperature