Vectors for Entry and Fusion Cloning

Find a list with available vectors for entry or fusion cloning of recombinant target proteins below.

More information on this cloning strategies are given in section "strategies".

Overview on the Fusion Cloning Procedure

StarGate fusion cloning provides the possibility to express two or more GOIs from only one Acceptor Vector. The GOIs, which are present in respective Donor Vectors are transferred to the pNFUSE-IBA and the pCFUSE-IBA vectors. The GOI, which will be located upstream, needs to be conveyed to the pNFUSE-IBA vector, this vector contains the intergenic region. The downstream located GOI is cloned into pCFUSE-IBA. The transfer is unidirectional and oriented insertion of the gene is ensured.

In a next step, both genes are assembled in the Entry Vector using LguI restriction enzyme.

The resulting Donor Vector provides again Esp3I recognition sites for the transfer of the expression cassette (containing both GOIs) into the Acceptor Vector.

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