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DNA and RNA Applications/References

Oligonucleotides and other nucleic acid products are nowadays part of many different kinds of research projects.
IBA provides high quality custom synthesized and pre-defined nucleic acid products for applications such as

  • RNA, siRNA and antisense studies
  • FRET, Real-time PCR and other applications with fluorescently labeled oligos
  • Surface binding / immobilization including microarrays
  • Oligo melting point optimization (e.g. PNAs, TINAs)
  • DNA/DNase work
  • TLR (Toll-like receptors) research
  • Multiply-primed rolling circle amplification
  • Gene expression and  gene therapy
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Interaction studies
  • Inhibition of protein function
  • in vitro translation experiments
  • And many more...

Here we have assembled a selection of IBA user applications:

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