RNA oligonucleotides

  • High biological activity
  • Up to 100 bases depending on sequence and scale
  • Easy introduction of modified bases
  • Synthesis of larger quantities possible
  • Specific labeling with fluorescent markers and other non-radioactive reporter groups
  • Totally deprotected, HPLC and PAGE analyzed products
  • Chemically synthesized 
Cat. no.
RNA coupling 0.2 µmol 5-0510-013 9.00 EUR/base
1.0 µmol 5-0510-014 12.50 EUR/base
10.0 µmol 5-0510-016 110.00 EUR/base
15.0 µmol 5-0510-015 153.00 EUR/base
RNA HPLC grade purification 0.2 µmol 5-1021-003 47.00 EUR
1.0 µmol 5-1021-004 79.00 EUR
10.0 µmol 5-1021-005 578.00 EUR
15.0 µmol 5-1021-006 798.00 EUR
RNA deprotection and analysis
32.00 EUR
RNA-wobble setup
32.00 EUR
RNA Set-up for oligos containing
less than 5 RNA couplings
32.00 EUR

The delivered amount depends on sequence and length.
IBA strongly recommends PAGE purification.

To order your tailor-made oligo above get in contact with our individual personal assistance provided by nucleic acid chemists and molecular biologists. Your personal contact person from IBA Lifesciences is ready to help you by email or phone (+49 551 50672-222) and will support you in designing your correct oligo sequence and advise you in possible promising labeling and modification combinations. Furthermore our assistance alerts you to create incorrect not functional oligonucleotides before starting the synthesis.