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Contents: 100 µg Cat.no: 2-1517-001 Price: USD 423.00  

StrepMAB-Immo is a murine, high-affinity Strep-tag® II specific monoclonal antibody which is especially suited for stable, mild and oriented capturing of Strep-tag® II fusion proteins on solid phases (e.g. Biacore CM5 sensor chips).

The nearly irreversible binding is validated for fusion proteins carrying a C- or N-terminal Strep-tag® provided the Strep-tag® is N-terminally extended by a SerAla linker (recombinant protein-SA-WSHPQFEK or SA-WSHPQFEK- recombinant protein). Proteins containing Strep-tag® II with N-terminal sequences other than SerAla are bound with reduced affinity in the cases tested so far.

For Western blots use StrepMAB-Classic.