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10x Buffer R

Contents: 100 ml Cat.no: 2-1002-100 Price: USD 54.00  

Buffer R is a Strep-Tactin® Regeneration Buffer with HABA for the regeneration of immobilized Strep-Tactin®. HABA (2-[4 -hydroxy-benzeneazo]benzoic acid) displaces desthiobiotin (present in Buffer E: Strep-Tactin® Elution Buffer with Desthiobiotin) at the biotin-binding site of Strep-Tactin®. The yellow HABA solution turns red upon binding to Strep-Tactin® clearly indicating the regeneration process and activity status of the column.

Visualization of column regeneration and activity status by color change.

Do not use for regeneration of Strep-Tactin®XT resin!