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StarGate® Acceptor Vector pYSG-IBA25

Contents: 5 µg Cat.no: 5-4625-001 Price: USD 260.00  

The pYSG-IBA25 vector allows the high-level expression of GST-tag-fusion-proteins in yeast. The vector carries the copper inducible promoter (CUP1) for controlled high-level expression, the GST-tag for N-terminal fusion of the recombinant protein as well as the URA3 auxotrophy marker for selection after transformation (do not use URA3 for selection during expression), the LEU2d auxotrophy marker for selection to increase plasmid copy number for expression (do not use LEU2d for selection after transformation). The additional PreScission protease cleavage site allows the removal of the GST-tag. The expressed recombinant protein will be localized in the cytoplasm.