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CD19 Fab-TACS® Isolation Kit, human

Contents: 10 columns; for 1x10^9 total cells per column Cat.no: 6-3213-010 Price: USD 999.00  

The kit allows the selection of CD19+ B cells directly from whole blood, buffy coat or PBMCs.

The Kit includes:

  • 10x Fab-TACS® Gravity column (Capacity: 1x10^8 target cells per column)
  • CD19 Fab-Strep, human
  • Buffer CI (10x)
  • Biotin stock solution
  • 2x Fab-TACS® Gravity Adapter

The Fab-TACS® Gravity column is filled with a Strep-Tactin® coated matrix made of cell-grade agarose. Strep-tagged Fab fragments (Fab-Streps) specifically bind to the matrix. Subsequently, samples pass through the column. Target cells adhere to the matrix based on the exclusive binding of the Fab-Strep to the target cell. Non-target cells are efficiently washed away. In a final step, the addition of biotin causes the elution of the target cells and the Fab-Streps. After elution, the Fab-Streps self-dissociate from the cell surfaces. The label-free authentic target cells are now ready for further downstream applications.