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MATra-S Immobilizer up to 35 Mio. cells

Contents: 1 ml Cat.no: 7-2002-100 Price: USD 500.00  

Suspension cells have to be made adherent first by incubating them with the reagent MATra-S Immobilizer which contains magnetic nanoparticles (MagTag®). Then, either Magnet Assisted Transfection with MATra-A Reagent/MATra-si Reagent or Magnet Assisted Lipofection with MA Lipofection Enhancer and IBAfect or any other commercially available lipofection reagent can be performed. For the transfection procedure a MATra magnet plate is essential.

All MATra reagents with magnetic beads have to be stored distant (> 10 cm) from strong magnetic fields like the Magnet Plates at all times!!! Otherwise agglutination of the beads may lead to complete loss of transfection function.