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MATra-si Starter Set (Universal Magnet Plate + MATra-si)

Contents: Cat.no: 7-2999-029 Price: USD 442.00  

This set for newcomers contains 200 µl MATra-si reagent for Magnet Assisted siRNA Transfection of adhertent cells and the required Universal Magnet Plate (8x13 cm). To test Magnet Assisted Liopfection in parallel please refer to the MA Lipofection Enhancer. To immobilize suspension cells to be able to perform Magnet Assisted Transfection you may use the MATra-S Immobilizer.

All MATra reagents with magnetic beads have to be stored distant (> 10 cm) from strong magnetic fields like the Magnet Plates at all times!!! Otherwise agglutination of the beads may lead to complete loss of transfection function.


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