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User applications with aptamers

Long DNAs for aptamer technology

The aptamers laboratory at the IRYCIS-Hospital Ramon y Cajal (Madrid, Spain), led by Dr. Victor M. Gonzalez, uses IBA-synthesized long DNA oligonucleotides to develop new applications for the aptamer technology. "In our laboratory, we are currently taking advance of the performance of IBA technology for the synthesis of long DNA oligonucleotides for the selection and characterization of aptamers against several targets. In fact, we use populations of oligos containing random sequences into the central region synthesized by IBA for aptamer selection. After identification of specific aptamers, we use these long DNA oligos modified with different molecules (Biotin, Digoxigenin, Alexa) at their 5´end to study the application of aptamers in the development of novel diagnostic tools."