Epigenetics – customized

The term epigenetics dates back to C.H. Waddington (1905-1975, british scientist in developmental biology) trying to name phenomena to explain differentiation during embryogenesis. The modern definition includes the various phenomena to define a NON-sequence dependant inheritance, e.g. how can a single individual have two different eye colors?

In the meantime it becomes evident that epigenetic regulation occurs at the protein level like DNA interacting histones (acetylation/deacetylation) or methylation/demethylation of cytosine residues at the DNA level or in the RNA pool.

Epigenetic research needs high-quality tools at affordable prices, not only for nucleic acid isolation  or sequencing of the methylome but also to have standards at hand like methyl-cytosine, hydroxyl-cytosine, formyl-cytosine or carboxy-cytosine for their incorporation into chemically synthetized molecular standards to analyze the methylation/demethylation cycle as part of the gene regulation machinery in developmental biology but also in various medical indication like senescence and in dementia as one of the most prominent socio-medical challenges in our days.

IBA is able to provide you with your customized DNA/RNA and respective modifications of the methylation/demethylation regulation cycle for your high-end epigenetic research. Cooperating with one of the leading organic chemists in this field all components/building blocks used for nucleic acid synthesis are of highest quality available giving you excellent yields of the compounds you need.

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Get in contact with our individual personal assistance provided by nucleic acid chemists and molecular biologists. Your personal contact person from IBA Lifesciences is ready to help you by email or phone (+49 551 50672-222) and will support you in designing your correct oligo sequence and advise you in possible promising labeling and modification combinations. Furthermore our assistance alerts you to create incorrect not functional oligonucleotides before starting the synthesis.