Fab-TACS Gravity - Application Data

The Fab-TACS technology provides vital benefits for your purified cells and following applications. In this section, we demonstrate the Fab-TACS benefits with convincing data:

Get high yields!


CD3+ and CD4+ positive cells were enriched using the Fab-TACS Gravity Isolation Kit. The bar chart indicates the yield as mean values of isolated target cells from five independent samples in total. Fab-TACS technology enables high yields in a highly reproducible manner.

Get pure cells!


Isolation of CD3+ and CD4+ cells directly from whole blood. Cells were stained either with CD3-APC (OKT-3) or CD4-PE (OKT-4) and analyzed by flow cytometry. Dead cells were excluded from analysis using DAPI staining. Doublet and debris discrimination were performed using different FSC/SSC signals. Fab-TACS technology ensures highest purity independent of the starting material.

Get viable cells!


Viability of isolated cells is shown as mean value of five independent samples in total. Fab-TACS technology ensures highly viable and immuno-competent cells for all upcoming downstream applications.

Get label-free cells!


APC-Fluorescence after Fab-TACS Gravity CD3 isolation with CD3-FITC and Strep-Tactin®-APC. The target cells do not bind the staining reagent since all isolation reagents dissociated from the cell. Intentionally labeled cells bind the dye resulting in a fluorescence shift. Fab-TACS ensures authentic target cells.