Fab-TACS® Gravity - Introductory Kit

Get all you need to test our Fab-TACS® Gravity columns in one kit! If you are performing cell isolations directly from whole blood, buffy coat, mouse splenocytes or other single-cell tissue suspensions and you are searching for alternatives to existing methods IBA’s Fab-TACS® Gravity Introductory Kit is your first choice.

The kit offers you the possibility to test our unique technology at lowest price. Obtaining highly pure and highly viable cells without tedious density gradient centrifugation steps has never been that straightforward. For more information about Fab-TACS® Gravity and about its key benefits please visit our Fab-TACS® technology site.

The kit includes everything what you need for cell selection directly from your sample:

  • 2x Fab-TACS® Gravity columns (Capacity: up to 25 ml whole blood each and 1x108 mouse target cells each)
  • Fab-Strep of your choice
  • Buffer CI (10x)
  • Biotin Stock Solution

Now also available with mouse CD3 and mouse CD4 Fab!

Product Contents Cat.no Price   Order
Fab-TACS® Gravity Introductory Kit Fab-Strep of choice 2 columns 6-6299-002 USD 249.00  

The kit allows the selection of T cells directly from whole blood. ...

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