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The novel Fab-TACS® technology for Cell Selection

Fab-TACS® technology perfectly combines the benefits of positive and negative cell selection and therefore allows the purification of:

  • Highly viable cells
  • Highly pure cells directly from whole blood
  • Label-free cells due to low affinity Fabs

Automated and Manual Cell Selection based on the Fab-TACS® technology

Manual Cell Selection Automated Cell Selection

The Fab-TACS® Gravity column is a common chromatography flow column filled with a Strep-Tactin® coated matrix made of cell-grade agarose. It allows an easy and specific selection of target cells in high yields and purity directly from whole blood, buffy coat or other single-cell tissue suspensions and, what is more, no further expensive equipment is needed.

The FABian® cell selection device is a fully automatic bench top instrument which automates the whole selection procedure based on IBA's novel Fab-TACS® technology. Similarly, the cells of interest can be isolated in high yields, high viability and purity from diverse sources such as whole blood, buffy coat or other cell suspensions.

Fab-TACS® technology for Fab-based Traceless Affinity Cell Selection

IBA’s unique Strep-tag®/Strep-Tactin® system is the platform for the novel Fab-based traceless affinity cell selection (Fab-TACS®). Fab-TACS® uses immune affinity chromatography based on CD-specific Fab-fragments for reversible capture and release of target cells. The innovative Fab-TACS® procedure delivers label-free, non-activated target cells in a standardized manner of highly reproducible quality directly from whole blood or other blood preparations.

The Fab-TACS® positive selection completely resigns the use of high affinity antibodies whose usage causes unfavorable effects like strong and almost irreversible binding to cells, cell stimulation as well as receptor blockade.


Watch this YouTube video tutorial to get further insights into the Fab-TACS® technology:

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General procedure of Fab-TACS® - Workflow

Columns for either Fab-TACS® Gravity or FABian® are filled with a Strep-Tactin® coated matrix made of cell-grade agarose. Strep-tagged Fab fragments (Fab-Streps) specifically bind to the matrix. Subsequently, whole blood or other blood preparations pass through the column. Target cells adhere to the matrix based on the exclusive binding of the Fab-Strep to the target cell. Non-target cells are efficiently washed away. In a final step, the addition of biotin causes the elution of the target cells and the Fab-Streps. After elution, the Fab-Streps self-dissociate from the cell surfaces. The label-free authentic target cells are now ready for further downstream applications.

Further details can be found here:

Fab-TACS® Gravity