Cell Selection Process:

First, FABian® is equipped with a pre-made column filled with a Strep-Tactin® coated matrix and max. 11 tubes containing the required selection reagents. FABian® starts the automated cell selection process by adding a specific Strep-tagged Fab fragment to the matrix.Subsequently, FABian® passes whole blood or other single-cell suspensions through the column. Target cells bind to the matrix based on the binding specificity of the loaded Fab fragment and non-target cells are washed away.
In the final step, FABian® adds biotin to the column, which causes elution of the Strep-tagged Fab from the matrix as well as dissociation of the Fab fragments from the cell surface. The label-free authentic target cells are now selected in high yields and purity. Remarkably, FABian® enables the selection of even small cell populations with high purity directly from whole blood.