Gene synthesis – the easy way to generate your StarGate® Donor Vector

In the past decade, prices for gene synthesis services have become more and more favorable. Therefore, gene synthesis, offered by a wide range of scientific service providers, is a fast and easy alternative to create a StarGate® Donor Vector containing your GOI (gene of interest). Compared to standard cloning procedures (via PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, purification steps, ligation), gene synthesis is a comfortable way to generate a StarGate Donor Vector, offering the opportunity to optimize the codon usage of your GOI to gain improved protein expression in your particular host.

How to generate a StarGate Donor Vector by using a gene synthesis service:

  1. Enter the sequence of your GOI without start and stop codon
  2. Select specific codon optimization for your final host Add the Esp31 recognition site and the respective combinatorial sites:
  3. Choose a standard cloning vector (offered by the service provider) containing an antibiotic resistance gene forkanamycin