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Protein Immobilization Applications for the Strep-tag® assay system

  • Antibody or serum screening
  • Diagnostic assays
  • Expression cloning
  • Protein interaction studies
  • Screening of engineered enzymes
  • Drug screening    

Strep-Tactin® assay system

Strep-Tactin® coated microplates

allow the selective capture of Strep-tag®II or Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins from complex mixtures of molecules. The biomolecules are presented to interaction partners in a uniform manner which results in reliable and reproducible assay formats.

A comparison of immobilisation efficiency of Strep-Tactin®XT and Strep-Tactin® for Strep-tag®II and Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins can be found here.

Strep-Tactin® Immobilization Products

Product Contents Cat.no Price   Order
Strep-Tactin® coated microplate 1 plate 2-1501-001 USD 62.00

Ready-to-use Strep-Tactin® coated microplates (12 x 8-well strips) for diagnostic/assay applications. Strep-tag® fusion proteins are selectively captured from complex mixtures and the biomolecules of interest are presented to interacting partners in a uniform manner which results in reliable and reproducible assays. The solid-phase, multi-well format for convenient assays and high throughput screenings is compatible with standard multichannel pipettes and automated plate washers and ...

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Technical Information - Strep-Tactin® coated microplates

Strep-tag® fusion protein binding capacity 100 ng Strep-tag®II fusion protein/well
Intra- and inter-assay variance (cv) < 1.6 % and < 3.0 %, respectively 
Max. volume per well  300 µl 
Optimal pH  8.0 
Stability > 1 year at 4 °C
Storage  4 °C 
Shipment RT