Manual magnetic isolation of Lymphocytes (T cells)

Reversible Fab Streptamers® for (serial) positive selection(s) of T cells and subsets from PBMCs with magnetic microbeads and a hand-held magnet.

What you need:

Magnetic Fab Streptamer®

Components of the magnetic Fab Streptamer® complex
Components of the magnetic Fab Streptamer® complex
StrepMan magnet for magnetic cell isolation

StrepMan magnet

Selection of the target cells is performed with our StrepMan permanent magnet. We recommend a horizontal position for separation of the magnetically labeled cells (a). For removal of the magnetic Streptamers® from the isolated cells with biotin we recommend an upright position of the StrepMan magnet (b).

  • Marker-specific Fab-Streps (up to three different for serial positive selection)
  • Strep-Tactin® magnetic microbeads
  • Buffer IS, 10x solution
  • Biotin stock solution