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Magnetic T cell isolation with Fab Streptamers®

Using our magnetic Fab Streptamer® reagents, you can isolate any cell carrying a surface marker which defines a cell subset, e.g. T cells (CD3, CD4, CD8), memory T cells (CD8, CD62L, CD45RA-), regulatory T cells (CD4, CD25, CD45RA), and naive T cells (CD8 CD62L CD45RA). With our Fab Streptamer® fluorochromes (PE, APC) you can easily stain your cell isolates with the same reagents you previously used for cell isolation.
Magnetic Fab Streptamers® consist of two components:

1) Fab-Streps (= Strep-tagged Fab fragments) which recognize the surface markers

2) Magnetic beads (= Strep-Tactin® magnetic beads) which reversibly bind the Fab-Streps

For cell isolation with Fab-Streps we offer microbeads (Strep-Tactin® magnetic microbeads) and our hand-held StrepMan permanent magnet (see below).

Cell Isolation with Magnetic Microbeads (for permanent magnets)

1) Fab-Streps (Strep-tagged Fab fragments) are multimerized with Strep-Tactin® attached to a magnetic bead to generate multimers with high binding avidity (Fig.1).

2) Selection of the target cells is performed with our StrepMan permanent magnet. We recommend a horizontal position for separation of the magnetically labeled cells (top). For removal of the magnetic Streptamers from the isolated cells with biotin we recommend an upright position of the StrepMan magnet (bottom). Cells are left phenotypically and functionally indistinguishable from untreated cells.

Fig.2: StrepMan magnet for Streptamer® cell isolation with Strep-Tactin® magnetic microbeads

For further information about the magnetic T cell isolation with Fab Streptamers® and the suitable reagents please have a look at our workflow.

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