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MHC I-Strep HLA-A*0201; HER-2/neu (KIFGSLAFL)

MHC class I molecule fused to a Twin-Strep-tag® and refolded with a peptide
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MHC I-Strep HLA-A*0201; HER-2/neu (KIFGSLAFL) is a recombinantly expressed MHC class I molecule that presents a peptide from a human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. Our MHC I Streptamer® approach is based on our Strep-tag® technology and facilitates reversible antigen-specific T cell labeling. A Twin-Strep-tag® fused to the MHC I-Strep permits multimerization of MHC I complexes on a Strep-Tactin® backbone, resulting in the formation of MHC I Streptamers.

For multimerizing MHC I-Streps, Strep-Tactin® TACS Agarose columns, Strep-Tactin® Magnetic Microbeads or fluorophore-conjugated Strep-Tactin® can be used. This allows affinity chromatographic or magnetic isolation or cell staining for flow cytometry analysis and sorting (FACS), depending on the experimental requirements. The addition of biotin reverses the multimerization of MHC class I molecules, leading to their dissociation from the target cells. The resulting label-free cells are highly viable and fully functional.


Concentration: See data sheet for specific Lot. No.
Form: Dissolved in DPBS
Peptide Sequence: KIFGSLAFL
Possible Application: Fluorescent cell staining & sorting, magnetic or affinity chromatographic cell isolation
Recommended Usage: 0.2 µg per 2 x 10^6 total cells for fluorescent staining or magnetic isolation
Sterility: Sterile
MHC I Allele: HLA-A*0201
Tumor-associated Antigens: HER2/neu

Shipping information

Storage: Long-term: -80 °C, short-term: 2-8 °C
Stability: 12 months after shipping
Shipping: Dry ice


Strep-Tactin® PE
Fluorophore-conjugated Strep-Tactin® for cell staining
Strep-Tactin® Magnetic Microbeads
Strep-Tactin® multimers conjugated with magnetic microbeads
Biotin stock solution
100 mM concentrated biotin for dissociation of Twin-Strep-tag® from Strep-Tactin® suitable for cells
Buffer CI (10x)
Cell isolation buffer containing 10x PBS with 10 mM EDTA and 5% BSA

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