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Cell Separation with Fab-TACS® technology - without magnetic labeling!

Now available: Positive Cell separation Kit for mouse CD3 and CD4 T cells. Choose the fastest and easiest way to get label-free cells.

Now available - Protein A Agarose affinity resins

Cost effective products with a high binding capacity. Get your free sample here!

IBA GmbH has started a joint project together with the Institute for Technical Chemistry (TCI) in Hannover and the LIMES Institute at the University of Bonn

IBA GmbH, Goettingen has entered into cooperation with the research groups of Prof. Cornelia Blume at TCI and Prof. G. Mayer at LIMES in 2019. This joint project is supported by a project grant from the AiF, Berlin. The project is aiming at developing APTAMER-based tools and detection kits using IBA’s more than 20 years of expertise in oligonucleotide and APTAMER synthesis. The APTAMER-based kits will be developed for early detection of transplant rejection focusing on kidney transplantation first.

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Fundraising campaign "Kleine Rücken brauchen Hilfe"

Instead of sending Christmas cards, we have made a donation to the University Medical Center Göttingen for a fundraising campaign called "Kleine Rücken brauchen Hilfe". This campaign is raising funds for an innovative and low-radiation 3D X-Ray device for children.

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