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6th Foreign Trade Award of Lower Saxony

The Minister of Economics of Lower Saxony, Olaf Lies, granted the 6th Trade Award in the capital city Hanover. In the category small and medium-sized businesses IBA GmbH was nominated as one of the top five companies. This award appreciates the export-oriented German industry and honored innovative companies who have asserted themselves in the international export market.  Dr. Joachim Bertram and Dr. Thomas Schmidt, both managing directors of IBA, received the prize at the trade fair in Hanover on 15 April 2015 and felt much honored to be under the first ones of totally 69 companies applied for this award.

More information and the complete press release of the award ceremony here: http://www.mw.niedersachsen.de/aktuelles/presseinformationen/minister-olaf-lies-verleiht-auenwirtschaftspreis--132900.html