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B-TUNE: a new toolbox for cancer treatment

A novel multivalent-tag-adaptor technology, namely B-TUNE aims to provide a versatile, flexible, reversible, safe and low-cost tumor-specific anticancer therapy using breast cancer as a model.

Tumor cells recognized by the Strep-tag® containing single chain variable fragment of the protooncogene product ErbB2 can be decorated with the selected anticancer agent via the bridging by Streptavidin mutant called Strep-Tactin®.

Strep-Tactin® provides a high and customizable number of Strep-tag® binding sites for the Strep-tagged anticancer drug or anticancer agent.

This concept of multivalence and exchangeable “actors” aims to result in an enhanced antitumor activity of the compound, which can also be redirected to kill tumor cells in vitro and in vivo. B-TUNE permits the targeted delivery of any taggable small anti-tumor molecule and/or effector cell as single agent in combination and in sequence.

This innovative concept is at the crossroads of several overlapping markets and provides an open and unifying platform to exploit unprecedented synergies among anticancer agents.

Through the inexpensive production of ScFvs-Strep-Tactin® multimers rather than expensive antibodies, B-TUNE widens the highly profitable market of therapeutic antibodies, antibody fragments and seeks to introduce substantial improvement to cell based therapy strategies, recombinant therapeutic proteins, controlled drug delivery and chemotherapy.

B-TUNE is based on proprietary reagents, patents as well as unique industrial and academic expertise. The B-TUNE consortium comprises of two SMEs (IBA from Germany and NAXOS from Italy), a large pharmaceutical company (IBI from Italy) and two academical institutions (IRE from Italy and UNIJENA from Germany).