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Carnival special

SELECTOR RESINS - The next generation of immunoprecipitation resins

Now -20%* discount on all Selector Resin products until 31st March 2019! 
Just type in the promotion code: carnival19 in your next order (email, online).

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Key Benefits of Selector Resins:

  1. High capacity
  2. Minimal unspecific binding
  3. No co-elution of heavy and light chain
  4. Broad buffer compatibility for high flexibility
The state of the art in immunoprecipitation is to use single-domain antibodies (sdAbs).
Selector resins are cross-linked to agarose beads and interact with their target in a oriented and highly selective manner. Due to the high nature of sdAbs the ability to bind unspecific proteins is very low and no contamination of the elution fraction with heavy and light chain of whole antibodies occurs.
IBA offers Selector Resins based for GFP, RFP, TagFP, GST and MBP with higher binding capacities compared to competitors and a broad buffer compatibility (see application note below).


Conventional IP using antibodies vs. IP with Selector Resins

*20% discount on all Selector Resin products; code: carnival19, valid from 4th March until 31st March 2019. Not valid in combination with other IBA discounts. Distributors and IBA staff excluded.