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Fundraising campaign "Ein Herz für die Klinikschule"

The Clinic School at the Department of Pediatrics helps ill children and adolescents to stay connected to school lessons. For young patients who have been treated for weeks or months at the children's hospital, the clinic school is often more than just an opportunity to keep up with their class. Teaching means distraction and a counterbalance for experiences with pain and fears. Teaching strengthens and demonstrably contributes to the healing success. 

The children receive lessons in the main subjects as well as in physics, chemistry and biology. Illustrative material is particularly important. In this way, the structures of chemical compounds can be illustrated clearly with the help of a molecular consturction kit. The model of an eye explains how vision works, and with the help of a heart model you can explain to the young patients why the heart is beating. Such teaching materials provide a vivid and exciting lesson both directly at the bedside and in small groups. 

If you would like to donate or find out more, please visit: https://www.umg.eu/ueber-uns/spenden-foerdern/spendenprojekte-der-umg/ein-herz-fuer-die-klinikschule/