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IBA Lifesciences announces strategic reorganization

The new structure organizes IBA Lifesciences’ core business operations around two strategic departments: Protein Production & Assays and Cell Selection & Expansion. These product lines are united by IBAs’ proprietary and versatile platform, the Strep-tag® technology.

As part of this process, IBA will discontinue the production of custom oligonucleotides. All employees of the Custom Oligo & Predefined DNA/RNA department will be merged into the remaining two departments. As a result, this will strengthen the production as well as research and development of the protein production and cell selection tools.

The Custom Oligos & Predefined DNA/RNA department has served IBAs’ customers with specialized nucleic acid products and oligonucleotides since 1998. The company is extremely proud of all the accomplishments of the department in those years. Existing orders will be honored and IBA is working hard to ensure a timely delivery of the products.

Mike Rothe, IBA’s CEO said, “Focusing on our core technology will help us expand into promising new product areas, such as the field of exosome isolation. This is a key step in our strategic, long-term plan to better meet the demands of our globally expanding businesses, especially in Asia. The current re-allocation of resources will enable us to respond very quickly to the increasing demand of protein production and cell selection tools. This will result in major changes in efficiencies and position us well for future success.”

The company will begin to implement the restructuring immediately, and the reorganization is expected to be completed by September 2020.

About IBA Lifesciences

Founded in 1996, IBA Lifesciences is a biotechnology company providing products and custom specific services for life science applications in academia and industry worldwide. IBA’s portfolio includes tools for cell selection and expansion as well as protein production and assays.

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