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US patent for IBA´s One-STrEP-tag granted

IBA GmbH announces the grant of an US patent for its One-STrEP-tag technology.
The One-STrEP-tag allows the isolation of functional protein complexes and the identification of new protein interaction partners in one-step. Based on its proprietary Strep-tag® technology, IBA developed the One-STrEP-tag which consists of a tandem arrangement of two Strep-tag®II sequences and allows rapid purification of intact protein complexes and is therefore the faster and more flexible alternative to the TAP technology.
Its high efficiency without the need for extensive washing allows the purification of poorly expressed protein complexes and even transient interaction partners.
"The One-STrEP-tag is a fast and flexible tool which contributes novel insights in protein:protein interaction (PPI) research", said Dr. Thomas Schmidt, IBA´s COO.
The field of protein complex isolation and protein:protein interaction (PPI) analysis is of key importance for the better understanding of many biological functions and therefore for the identification of attractive targets for drug discovery.