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Non-fluorescent labels for oligonucleotides

IBA offers:

  • High quality custom-made modified DNA and RNA products for high-end research.
  • More than 80 internal, 5’- and 3’- DNA and RNA modifications to choose from
  • Modified DNA oligos for DNA microarrays
  • Non-fluorescent labeled DNA and modified RNA for surface binding and hybridization experiments
  • DNA labeled for PNA and protein binding
  • Modified oligonucleotides for cross-linking and crystallography studies
  • Oligos labeled with Biotin, Iminobiotin, Desthiobiotin and Digoxigenin

All modified DNA oligonucleotides are HPLC purified at no additional charge. All modified oligos are available in 0.05, 0.2 and 1.0 µmol scales. For further information take a look at our Applications and References

Please choose your modification of interest: