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Order Support

How to order IBA products

You can order IBA products

Contact details for orders via e-mail, phone or fax

Germany & international
Phone: +49(0) 551 50672 - 0
Fax: +49(0) 551 50672 - 181
E-mail: order@iba-lifesciences.com

Shipping costs

Online orders in our webshop above EUR 750 [USD 1000] are shipped free of charge! For all other shipments, including orders by e-mail, fax or phone, the price table below applies.


  Room temperature Wet ice Dry ice
Germany   12   25   30
European Union   35   45   90
USA, Hawaii, Canada 70   100   145  
Switzerland & Norway, UK   52   60   100
Rest of World* 98 75 137 105 175 135

*Invoices (including shipping cost) for North and South America are issued in USD, all other countries not listed separately above receive invoices (including shipping cost) in EUR.

! You may be charged for handling fees and taxes as your order passes through customs. Any charges on a parcel must be paid by the person receiving the parcel.

Payment options

Credit cards
We accept Master card, VISA and American Express*. When paying with a credit card, you will need to fill out our credit card form online, so that we are able to charge your card. For credit card payment click here.

*Please note that Amex payments will be processed in EUR, so the charged amounts slightly differ due to shifts in currency. 

Electronic transfer
Please find our remit-to address of Deutsche Bank AG and our bank account details in the footer of the invoice. Please indicate the invoice number on your payment. 

Promotional codes

If you have received a promotional code, you can redeem the discountby adding the promotional code in the comment field with the last step of order processing.

If you order via e-mail or fax, please add the promotional code inyour order. When ordering by phone, please mention the code while placing the order.

Terms & conditions

Please read our terms and conditions applicable to all sales, deliveries and other services:


Contact IBA Technical Service

Manuals, Data Sheets (DS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) along with any other information available on the products can be found directly in the product section of each product line. Click on the product to open these details.

IBA brochures, poster, vector sequences etc. can be found on our Download area.

Contact us by phone

Germany & International Phone +49 (0) 551 50672-0

Send us an e-mail

General questions info@iba-lifesciences.com
Questions about:  
cloning stargate@iba-lifesciences.com
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