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IBA GmbH, Germany, is dedicated to providing high quality product and service solutions for life science research in industry and academia. The comprehensive portfolio ranges from products and services for cell selection & expansion, cloning, transfection, recombinant protein production & assays to nucleic acid custom services.
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  • FABian®-Automated Cell Selection: PBMCs, T and B cell isolation directly from whole blood without magnetic beads and density gradient centrifugation. The novel automated cell selection technology utilizes a non-magnetic and fully reversible Fab column-based immune affinity chromatography for cell isolation leading to authentic unlabeled cells.
  • Streptamer® Cell Selection & Expansion: completely reversible reagents for fluorescent staining and magnetic isolation (nano- and microbeads) as well as for stimulation & expansion of T cells. The reagents preserve the cells´ full effector function and viability.
  • The Strep-tag® system is based on one of the strongest non-covalent interactions in nature, which is the interaction of biotin to streptavidin. It allows the purification, detection and immobilization of highly pure and bioactive recombinant proteins. The system includes two affinity tags: Strep-tag®II is a synthetic peptide consisting of eight amino acids and Twin-Strep-tag® consists of two Strep-tag®II sequences in series combined by a GS-linker. This peptide sequences exhibit intrinsic affinity towards Strep-Tactin® and Strep-Tactin®XT, two specifically engineered streptavidin variants. IBA provides all you need for working with the Strep-tag® system, including: cloning, transfection, expression, purification, detection and immobilization.